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Concord Mexico awarded "Proveedor Seguro Ternium 2018".

It’s Official! Concord Mexico awarded “Excellence in Service” Award, honored as a “success story” at Ternium’s Supplier Awards 2017!

Nashville, TN. AISTech 2017
Extrusion Coating

Coating applications used for a multitude of substrates such as plastics, kraft papers, linerboards, chipboards, PET. MPET, cellulose, Non-Woven fabrics, films and many more.

What is VCI and how does it work?


Learn more about Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors.


1-Side Coating/Lamination


If you need 1-side coated light weight vapor barrier or protective media, Concord Supply has the solution.

Available with or without VCI, UV, FR, etc., also available in up to 3-color custom print.

2-Side Coating/Lamination


If your need is for a 2-side coated heavier gauged moisture barrier Concord Supply has the answer.


Available with or without VCI, UV, FR, etc., also available in  up to 3-color custom print.


Coating & Laminating

If you have a special need for a custom product Concord Supply is ready to make it happen.

We can print on any surface.

Call us with your specific application and let our team go to work for you.

The Concord Group of Companies
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