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Concord Supply Inc.

 At Concord Supply Inc. we are committed to new, innovative, and diverse product offerings. We are well known for our “Wide-Web,” anti-corrosive flexible industrial packaging as well as custom coating and laminations. These are a few of the products that are used in a variety of industrial applications for a wide range of markets. With an experienced team of talented, motivated professionals focused on continuous improvement, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction, Concord Supply is a leader in flexible packaging.

We invite you to meet our professional team.

Our History

Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, Concord Supply, Inc. began operations in 1991. Driven by creativity and a commitment to quality, our founders along with our team of experts have created new processes and innovative products tailored for the steel industry.


With over 29 years of service, Concord Supply is a recognized leader in the domestic and international markets. Currently holds, 6 authorized patents and 4 pending patents, all recognized in 80 countries. Concord Supply has established a solid customer base and a sound reputation in the business world, becoming one of the main producers of anti-corrosive packaging.


Our San Antonio plant has grown favorably with a larger warehouse (100,000 ft² of manufacturing, service, and distribution) and more equipment allowing the extension of services to more industrial applications that require special laminations, extrusion coatings and custom in-house printing services. 

Today the mission continues, to ensure high performance quality products at a competitive price and above all, customer satisfaction. 


Our Mission is to provide integral solutions by offering high quality products and services tailored to the business needs of our clients.

Our Vision is to be a successful organization recognized as one of the leading companies for its integral solutions, reliability, quality products that improve today’s markets.

Extrusion Coating/Laminating
OUR plan for manufacturing is simple,      the WIDER, the better...
We have one of the widest extrusion coating lines in the US capable of coating materials and substrates up to 148" in width.


Whether you are looking for extrusion coating for any of the substrates listed or any not listed:

  • Woven / non-Woven (in any weight)

  • Films

  • Paper (kraft / linerboard / chipboard)

  • PET / MPET

  • *Custom materials

Or if you are in need of laminating them together in multiple layers or multiple combinations, we've got you COVERED.

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