Concord Supply Inc.

     Concord Supply Inc.,  continually strives to not only introduce new, innovative and a diverse group of  products for varied markets but also tries to improve our current line of products to meet the needs of our customers.  

     Concord Supply focuses on a variety of products that have a wide range of industrial applications. Being well known for our anti-corrosive packaging line for the steel industry is just one area where we excel and that compliments our wide-web extrusion coating and lamination line.

Concord Supply History

     The headquarters of Concord Supply, Inc. is located in the heart of San Antonio, TX, where operations began in 1991. Founders of Concord Supply quickly realized the urgent need to bring new products and processes to domestic and international markets. Driven by creativity and a commitment to quality, our founders have come up with new materials and processes to service the steel industry.


     Concord Supply has 6 authorized patents and 4 pending patents, all recognized in 80 countries. Concord Supply is a member of the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) of the United States. Thus, Concord Supply has established a solid customer base and a sound reputation in the business world, becoming one of the main producers of anti-corrosive packaging.


     Due to the tremendous growth of Concord Supply, decisions to expand the manufacturing plant  in San Antonio came about very quickly and the need for acquiring a bigger warehouse and more equipment. This allowed the extenion of services to more industrial applications that require special laminations, extrusion coatings and custom printing services. 

     Today the mission continues to insure quality products at a competitive price and above all, customer satisfaction. Concord Supply prides itself on being innovative and fully committed to staying ahead of changing markets to meet the demands of our customers.

Extrusion Coating/Laminating
OUR plan for manufacturing is simple, the WIDER, the better...
     We have one of the widest extrusion coating lines in the US capable of coating materials and substrates up to 148" in width.

Whether you are looking for extrusion coating for any of the substrates listed or any not listed:

  • Wovens / nonWovens (in any weight)

  • Films

  • Paper (kraft / linerboard / chipboard)

  • PET / MPET

  • *Custom materials

   Or if you are needing them laminated together in multiple layers or multiple combinations, we've got you COVERED.


One side PP Coating

If you need a 1-side coated light weight vapor barrier or protective media, Concord Supply, Inc. has the solution. Available with or without VCI, UV, FR, etc., also available in  up to 3-color custom print.


Two side PP Coating

If your need is for a 2-side coated heavier gauged moisture barrier Concord Supply, Inc. has the answer. Available with or without VCI, UV, FR, etc.,  also available in  up to 3-color custom print.

Custom Coating & Laminating.

If you have a special need for a custom product Concord Supply, Inc. is ready to make it happen. Call us with your specific application and let our team go to work for you.  We can do print on just about any surface.


The Mission of CONCORD SUPPLY is to be recognized as the leader in providing integral solutions to all type of industries in the packaging, special lamination, extrusion and filtration systems. We are committed to customer service and solutions for our clients´ necessities, and continually improving our products. 

The vision of CONCORD GROUP is to be recognized as a world class leader of integral solutions for the betterment of our customers

Concord Supply