Steel Packaging

EconoPack® With VCI

One Side Laminated PP Woven with VCI


SingleWrap® With VCI

Two Side Laminated PP Woven with VCI

Kraft Laminate With VCI

One Side Laminated Paper Kraft (available with VCI)

OTHER USES: corrugated/expanded metal, metal roofing/siding, metal sheeting.......

Lumber Packaging
Construction Laminates

NonWoven Lamination

NonWoven/HD Film

Special Lamination.

Multiple layered options using a variety of substrates: 1oz-8oz nonwovens, 4mil-30mil films, wovens, geogrids, geotextiles, geomembranes.....



Two Side Laminated PP Woven (available with UV)


One Side Laminated PP Woven (available with UV)

OTHER USES: Storage protection, dust cover, weather barrier (wet or dry), light/heavy duty transport, composite decking, wooden trusses, architectural wood structures, etc.......

USES: Underslab vapor retarder, roofing underlayments, solar/UV radiant barrier, construction covers, Heavy-duty moisture barrier, sub-grade geotextile, etc........

Strip Lamination.

Strip laminated substrates for moisture protection and added durability of 2 membranes....

Woven or NonWoven Coatings/Laminations

Multi-layer substrates bonded for strength,

durability and low vapor transmission rate....

Moisture/Vapor Barriers

Uses: Commercial or Residential roofing underlayment, steel industry, construction weather barrier or anywhere a moisture barrier is needed...

Oil Field and Fracking Materials

NonWoven Laminates and Geogrids

Whether you need anti-slip for platform workers, filtration media for fracking, soil stabilization for new roads or a combination of all 3, we've got you covered....

Custom Oil Field Fabrics and Laminations

We have the capabilities to laminate in WIDE widths up to 148".  We can laminte our materials or yours, and can custom laminate virtually any materials to accomodate your specific need and requirement.......

Other Products.


In addition to manufacturing and laminating woven and non-woven products, we also manufacture plastic ID's and OD's, offer die-cutting/sheeting, custom in-house printing for your products up to 3 colors, and have the resources and capacity for custom sewn products and bags (minimums will apply) .......